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Magefesa Practika Plus 6L Pressure Cooker


Magefesa Practika Plus 6L has the heft of the premium cookers without the flashy design (or price) – but the savings is paid in quirks.  Once the cook figures out the Practika’s naughty gasket and tricky valve this cooker gets the job done consistently, reliably and predictably. The Magefesa Practika Plus has the standard set of redundant safety features, comparable ... Read More »

Salton PC1048 Stainless Steel Electronic Pressure Cooker


Electric pressure cookers are extremely versatile and this Salton PC1048 Stainless Steel Electronic Pressure Cooker is an excellent product that has pretty much all the standard features you see in most of the electric models.  The concept of pressure cooking is not new as it came into existence decades back when French physicist Denis Pappin invented the steam digester in order ... Read More »

Harvest Cookware Pressure PRO Automatic Pressure Cooker


Harvest Pressure Pro is an automatic pressure cooker that claims to cook your family favourite dishes in minutes with a simple press of a button. Harvest Pressure Pro promises to save you time in the kitchen while you express your passion for cooking and impress your loved ones. Many of us are hard pressed for time today because of the ... Read More »

Emeril by T-fal CY4000 is Safe Electric Pressure Cooker


Looking for the best way to speed up your cooking? Best Pressure cooker help you to cook your favorite meal within a short period. It is an important cookware and if you do not have one then you are missing out a lot. You get to use less energy and time to achieve even better cooking results. Here are the ... Read More »

Why should kitchen electric pressure cooker?


Recently, many housewives heard commented on how buy a pressure cooker. Many people still wonder how many houses did the pots already has to have a pressure cooker? Pressure cooker effective in cooking what? Basic things to know about the electric pressure cooker Pressure cooker is designed pot with a lid so that the truth contained. This minimizes steam in ... Read More »

SPT EPC-11A Electric Pressure Cooker: So far so good


When review about SPT EPC-11A 1000-watt Electric Pressure Cooker, a customer said: “I got this for a friend. The meat was very juicy and perfectly cooked. But i wanna have included a cook book or cooking guide to cooking perfect” If you wish as this customer about a best cook book for SPT EPC-11A 1000-watt Electric Pressure Cooker. Don’t worry, ... Read More »

Best pressure cooker: Big Boss 1300-Watt Stainless Steel Oval


When you searching for a suitable pressure cooker, there is a problem that will makes you feel confusing. The problem is too many choices. You will have to spend hours to find, research and selection. We understand that, so this article will give you a perfect pressure cooker with the specific analysis. It will help you can make the most ... Read More »

Pressure Cooker: Amazing method for cooking vegetables


Vegetables are essential for life. It helps your meal better tasting, better for health. However, many people do not know the right way to processed vegetables retain color, taste and nutrition. And cooking vegetables in a pressure cooker even harder. Pressure cooker: There are many diffrient methods for cooking vegetables There are many different methods for cooking vegetables. But we ... Read More »

Cooking with pressure cooker is an important skill


You can cook food in a pressure cooker in a variety of ways. The kinds of dishes you prepare in your pressure cooker can range from steamed veggies to soups. It has become one of the bits of the kitchen. Imagine, you have a short time as anyone else, but you can do many different dishes. What an amazing thing. ... Read More »

IP-Smart Bluetooth-Enabled Multifunctional Pressure Cooker


IP-smart best pressure cookers is an intelligent product that was integrated Bluetooth and wireless technology enables the custome to program and monitor the cooking process from smartphones or tablets. This product not only helps speed up cooking, but also saves energy. In addition, Instant pot IP-smart cooker is the multifunctional cooking-tools with modern gadgets can help you fully cook dishes ... Read More »