The BEST way to clean the NINJA FOODI

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How to clean the Ninja Foodi. Learn the best way to clean your Ninja Foodi especially the Air Fryer lid which can be difficult. I’m not going to remove the black cover grate as some other videos suggest, I think that’s not a good idea. You might void your warranty and you don’t want to so that.

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Ninja FOODi features:
Dual pressure levels
(high and low)
Pressure cook, slow cook,
sauté, steam
UL-Certified safety mechanisms
12 month warranty
TenderCrisp™ Technology
(pressure cooking and air frying combination)
Crisping lid to air crisp, bake/roast,
dehydrate, and broil
XL 4 quart air fry basket
Family sized 6.5 quart cooking pot
Ceramic-coated non-stick inner
cooking pot
5 stovetop temperature settings
Simplified control panel without presets
for customizable results
Automatic stay warm up to 12 hours

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25 Minute One Pan Pasta


First look and the New Ninja Foodi
Should I buy the new Ninja FOODI combination pressure cooker and air fryer? I saw this when I was shopping at Sam’s yesterday and it looks really interesting. Can the Ninja Foodi replace my instant pot and my Power Air Fryer with just one appliance? Leave me a comment and let me know if you want me to pick one up and do some demonstrations with it.

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25 Minute One Pan Pasta
Ninja blender
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Ninja Foodi review
Ninja foodie recipes
Ninja Foodie
NInja Foodie review

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