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6 delicious food with a electric pressure cooker

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The dishes are prepared with the pressure cooker is quick and convenient. Fast-foodsoft cooked as desired to save gas and time of cooking. Currently, the North sectionare becoming colder as a result, the cooking in electric pressure cooker was my sister uses a lot.
Pressure cooker Cook a lot of delicious dishes to suit the weather. How to usepressure cookers simple, necessary because pressure cookers don’t have complextemperature buttons such as electronics. The dishes after preliminary impregnationmarinated spicy, the sisters just give in to the pot, cover tightly closed, heat until boiling. When boiling, the pot will be deflated so that only the minimum level of firereduction, olive module the riu‘s are.
Regional dishes like Hock stew, congee just simmer about 30 minutes or a little moreis are also poached meat dishes such as just 20 minutes aromatic meat soft enough,make sure to create a delicious dish extremely attractive.
Half sister to reference a couple of dishes cooked with pressure cooker to cook for thewhole family in this winter?!

Hock stew Lotus seed

Ingredients: 1 whole pork leg bones (a front foot will more delicious), Lotus seed, carrot, onion, shiitake mushrooms, onions, smell her
best cooker
How to do it:
Hair clean shaven Hock and then marinated with seasoning, spices, chopped and putinto refrigerator about 2 hours to infuse
Lotus seeds, shiitake soaking swells. Security is under fire to nine Lotus seed by which still didn’t crack, to own.
Pour water slug down the meat and then in boiling pressure cooker for about 20 minutes, then turn off the stove. Use the magic wand tattoos see the meat have an inch of meat if not yet an inch then back to simmer until the meat an inch of horse mackerel fillets, skewers can easily pass the chopsticks, cats and Lotus seeds, shiitake mushrooms in the same module, just for flavoring the mouth.
6 delicious dishes with the pressure cooker1
Add onion, carrot and areca flower-trimmed time zone chopped thin, onion smellfinely chopped preparation waiting ships North of meat down then put it in the pot.
This Dish is rich in energy, with the winter and eat with rice or bread the mother nhé.Each fiber of nine horse mackerel fillets, soft fragrant, delighting human bones. Eat all the fat and skin are not feeling so tired of fat which in contrast is also very charismaticappeal from the elderly to young children.
German-style cellar Hock
Hock dish very tasty German tunnel however if the original recipe will be able to quitefat because there ingredients Whipping cream. So I had some adjustments andchanges in the recipe for the dish become taste with the Vietnamese alone.
Material: Hock: 1 piece (500 g) fresh milk, no sugar: 200 ml, butter: 30gr; Pieces: 20gr which; Potatoes: 500 g; Canned cucumbers; Onions, dried garlic
How to do it:
Hock should choose to purchase the core part of corn, because that was the partshould eat meat and more aromatic.
Clean, dry, absorbent, marinated with spices, onions, minced garlic for about 30 minutes.
6 delicious dishes with the pressure cooker2
Northern pan, for 1/2 place butter into Hock just to profile, fried golden. Then forHock has fried in the pressure cooker, pour water 1/2 piece of meat, stewed quinces. Ifyou are Basil sprinkled on a little will make the dish up the smell (aromatic leaves may be looking to buy in the supermarket!).
Peel the potatoes, add the small pieces, steamed or cooked, use a spoon or sievemashed agreed.
Set up 1 other pans, for the remainder of the remaining butter 1/2 seat, heated, forwheat on sauteed pineapple with butter. Add fresh milk to the Pan simmer into cream sauce.
Sliced pickles, created to present to the tidbits photo beautifully.
Raw meat to pieces or finely delineated, the meat stew juice can mix togethermashed potatoes or cooked with the sauce doused up pieces of meat, bread.
This dish is very expensive in the breweries, the beer is fresh but with stormy days of the current work comes out the top restaurant not everyone is conditioned to laughoften. So why not choose a more economic way is we do it at home eh? Delicious, justmake sure, again retaining the German lang beloved troops.
Beef casserole
Medium casserole dishes delicious while providing more nutrition for the whole family.

Beef: 1 kg

Potatoes: tubers 3
Carrot: 1 o
Tomatoes: 3 results
Five spice pepper
Onions, smell
6 delicious dishes with the pressure cooker3
How to do it:
This Dish should select the beef tendon and there will more delicious. You wash the meat clean and finely chopped the size of chess pieces, marinated with pepper,seasoning and 1/2 packet of five spice. Then stir-fry and hunt country, basement withan inch of meat so that the pressure cooker has just arrived.
An additional shell, potato chunks. Add tomato, carrot and fourth trimmed flowersong, chopped.
Distillation of tomatoes with a little cooking oil to create color.
For potatoes, carrots stir-fry sauce to infuse infuse the salt.
Bring the beef to the pot of potatoes and sweet potatoes and carrot until securitynine by nine beef is also at root.
Sprinkle with onions, chopped into the pot smell and then turn off the stove.
Stewed duck with Lotus seeds
Duck meat: ½ my (about 700 gr)
Dried Lotus seed: 50 gr
Shiitake mushrooms: 1520 small ones
Coconut water: 1 results
Onions, garlic, spices, seasoning, soy sauce, pepper, salt, wine
6 delicious dishes with the pressure cooker4
Duck meat provide rubbing salt, wine, ginger to help sweating, then washed, cut in two and then to drain off the water.
Marinated duck meat Provide same it
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