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Select buy pot brewed or electric pressure cooker?

Select buy pot brewed or electric pressure cooker?
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From couple of years now, the annealing pots, slow cooker, electric pressure cooker is quite common on the market with many code samples, diverse brands, however the sisters home maker stood before the choice should buy boilers would still very disturbed, how to choose to buy the pot fit, reasonable when using the avoid buying back throw with. VnReview share a few experiences to sisters reference.

Electric pressure cooker

pressure cooker

The housewife sister really is no stranger to the pressure cooker and it is a kind of a pot should have in the kitchen to Cook takes time to Cook, so long as the security of bones, beef stew, beef stock, Civet, fake Hock soup … helps save time and fuel. However, if there is demand for pressure cooker, you should buy electric pressure cooker pressure cooker is more expensive, but often a bit but safe and much more convenient.


Electric pressure cooker has two types, the types and kinds of electronics. Types of hand revolving screw button to adjust the cooking time according to the mode of cooking that have defaulted, the electronic kind have the electronic buttons and screen to track. I personally believe that you should choose the type of muscle, cheaper from 1/22/3 of the electronic kind, more simple also use easier. Electronic circuit board is prone to failure and damage to the high replacement costs. Moreover, the type of electronic pot due to the electronic circuit board is very hydrophobic, if the process of wiping and washing the pot shot water into the need to wipe immediately ifnot very susceptible to fire electrical short-circuiting broken leads to pot. With the electric motor type pressure cooker, you should only use a damp towel to clean and do not wash with water.

mechanical pressure cooker

Electric motor type pressure cooker has a swivel knob choose the time

Electronic pressure cooker has the cooking mode selection button and increase/decrease the time

The biggest advantage of electric pressure cooker pressure cooker than usually is the ability to control the cooking time. You only need to feed into the pot, set the appropriate time and turned to other work, most of the time the pot will disconnect the power and you don’t worry about burning food if forgotten, nor worry soup pot on the stove. Plastic shell that surrounds the pot is also very safe, you don’t have to be concrete when Burns de a pot of hot soup and heavy from the kitchen down.

Pressure cooker which prices range from 1,000,000-bronze 1,600,000 in supermarkets and electric appliances, 5-6 litre capacity suitable for families of 4-5 people. If buying the pot in small shops or supermarkets sometimes have promotion you can buy motor pressure cooker with only about 800,000900,000 for some samples of the pot. I have used a kind of pot so cheap and so OK, nothing to complain, so you don’tnecessarily have to choose the type of expensive pot.

If you still prefer to use the electronic type, so choose your prestigious airline pot to ensure quality durable good warranty as well. Electronic pot usually cost from 1,500,0002,800,000 copper options brand, well capacity from 56 liters.

Electric pressure cooker brands as popular Sunhouse, Supor, TCL, Midea, Sharp, Khaluk, Panasonic has both types of engines and electronics, a majority of 56 liters. Also kind of pot about 4 litres or 4.5 litres but less templates, however you should buy 6 liters to use long, for example can cleaning 1 chicken that is not small tight.

On the control of electric pressure cooker all types and kinds of electronics are the instruction on cooking time, for example, the bone tunnel turn 30 minutes, 10 minutes … fish inventory, however practical use are you based upon his experience to adjust to the appropriate time. Such as when cooking poached beef dishes, for ingredients and spices into the pot, then only the nuts for about 5 minutes, most of the time this pot will switch to hold and discharge valve slowly heat, heat remaining in the pot at this great and will help the meat cooked more pretty much until the heat is discharged out then, you open the pot to visit as long as the meat was soft where to look, the Spice Islands, yet fits well to the meat is cooked evenly, then you turn another 57 minutes medium cooked meat to eat. If you turn that 15-20 minutes from the start, the meat can be cooked excessively (crack) and flavoring spice could not yet satisfactory, further will waste electricity, not take advantage of the amount of heat when the compression pressure cooker.

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glutinous sticky rice cooking with pressure cooker

Brewed pot

The pot had brewed using different pressure cooker, with the biggest advantage is fuel saving. You only need to feed into the pot and put up the kitchen (gas stove, stove from the kitchen, infrared), simmer for about 57 minutes for boiling water up at the same time the pot enough integration of heat (the bottom of the pot are roundalloy thermal analysis, looking outside not clearly), then you give the pot to cook in the cage, sealed and to which , the heat has been integrated by alloy ring helps keep food cooked pot and keep hot food from 810 hours.

Japanese-brewed pot

Brewed pot in many supermarkets are kind of expensive, mainly Tiger brand

Pressure cooker-like, you can also use the pot brewed to ninh bone, stew porridge,stew, cook soup, but do need time brewed quite long so if limited time kitchen then you should not select the pot, or to arrange a reasonable time. You can prepare for breakfast by boiling cooking food and put

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