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Discharge pressure pressure cooker how to properly?

Discharge pressure pressure cooker how to properly?
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The method of opening the pressure cooker as gas pressure discharge valve open, however, exhaust speeds as fast food inthe pot as possible being shaken, evaporate as fast. Therefore, the need to apply the pressure cooker open way for each different type of foods to preserve nutrition and taste the dish.
The article would like to introduce some of open the pressure cooker and the different uses of them.

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1. Exhaust pressure fast

Exhaust pressure fast
This is the method of opening the pot by gas pressure via the drain valve, is also the fastest way to open the lid, it only takes about 2 to 3 minutes. Users should use to open the lid when cooking vegetables and cooked quickly.
How to discharge pressure is:
Use the hand holding the handle to unlock the drain valve (1) to discharge pressure fast
Use the hand pull latch handle pressure valve (2)apply for electronic pressure cooker
Use the hand pull latch handle pressure discharge valve (3) – apply for pressure cooker body
Noting that the discharge valve is very hot, so wear gloves to open the discharge valve insulation or using the tool(chopstick, clip) to keep the discharge valve. After flushing out the pressure in the pot, at the exhaust valve no longer criesopen the lid of the pot out. If open sooner will be dangerous for you.
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2. Exhaust pressure slowly

 Gas discharge pressure slowly

This method is similar to how open the lid by exhaust pressure quickly, but users will reduce exhaust speed down more slowly, about 5 to 10 minutes. If using pressure cooker and can not adjust the exhaust gas speeds up then you should discharge the gas valve key, every each 10 seconds to avoid movement foam out van.
This method is used when cooking is difficult as rice, cereals, legumes, and vegetables, but don’t have the time to use natural pressure reduction ways are mentioned below.

3. reduce the natural pressure in 10 minutes

This is just a relief by cutting heat with pressure cooker pot to cool themselves, reduce and relieve the pressure in a natural way. After 10 to 15 minutes, the user will discharge the residual pressure in the pot by gas pressure method slows down(2). This way is recommended with whole grains because they still continue to be cooked by steam in the pot when no longer heat.


4. Lose pressure naturally

Here is slow pressure reduction methods for, can cost from 10 to 30 minutes depending on the type of pot (electric pressure cooker is more time consuming because of the temperature structure) and amount of food in the pot. The method to reduce the pressure to go completely natural after having turned off the heat. I.e. no user operation would run out for the drain valve, and exhaust gas expired in the pot to pot until no longer cries open the pot out.


This way is recommended when cooking or foam movement and swells such as cereals, rice, beans and fruit. The meat should also use this way to avoid meat water evaporates too quickly. When water tunnel, you should also let it coolnaturally because when the exhaust pressure quickly, bones and spices will be shocks do broth turbid.


The decreasing pressure should not take


Reduce the pressure by pressure cooker kitchen down North and put directly into cold water or dip the pot down Turkish cold water can cause hazard for the user. Water can clog drain valve pressure, evaporation can cause burns, suddentemperature change can also deform the metal layers of the pot, so you should not use this to open the pressure cooker.

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