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Operating Instructions For Using A Pressure Cooker

Operating Instructions For Using A Pressure Cooker
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Clean the pressure cooker before using it for the first time.

1. Ensure that the orifices of the safety valve and pressure valve are not clogged every time before using it. If any of them is clogged clean the particles with the draining needle.

2. To close the cooker, align the “O” mark at the lid with the “O” mark at the lower handle to close the cooker properly before heating it.

3. To heat the cooker, quickly place over high flame until the pressure valve begins working. Do not use overly high flame, use flame that is enough for the cooker. It is normal for a little steam to escape from the valve after the cooker heats for a while, but there should be no more steam after the valve rises and the cooker works normally. When the pressure valve is raised and steam comes out continuously, lower to moderate flame and begin counting the cooking time.
electric pressure cooker is very important
The heating time begins when steam begins escaping the valve and ends when the flame is shut off. Stand by to observe and control this period. Do not touch the cooker’s metallic surface with your hands or body. Cook carefully and use the handles to avoid a burning yourself.

4. Once the heating time is up shut off the flame and leave for another moment to decrease pressure. Remove the lid when the valve has lowered. The procedure to remove the lid is the opposite of placing it.

Shake the cooker gently before opening to eliminate the foam that might form inside the cooker when cooking sticky food.

5. Sometimes the cooker might need to cool quickly when the cooking time has passed, or to prevent it or when the cooker needs to be opened before finishing the procedure. Place the cooker in a flat and stable surface and slowly put it under cold water until the valve lowers completely. Do not allow water entering the cooker.

Caution: To reduce the risk of electric shock, do not remove the cover, there are no movable parts inside the unit. Refer any maintenance or technical intervention to qualified technical personnel.
This sign means the existence of dangerous voltage inside of the unit, which constitutes a risk of electric shock.
This symbol indicates important operation and maintenance instructions in the literature that comes with this unit.


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