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Tips on using and preserving electric pressure cooker

Tips on using and preserving electric pressure cooker
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Multifunction electric pressure cooker is the workhorse of many housewives. Discover some tips on ways to use and preserve effective pressure cooker.

Choosing multifunction best electric pressure cooker

There are many types can be integrated from 5 liters or more. Often the family of 4 to 6 people often choose choice option from 6 to 8 L. When choosing to select fresh pot washer must not be broken, close fever, mouth stick to the pot. Vung pot with the lid closed to fit into the pot and not distortion, no warping. The van, the syntax works well undamped (should choose a safety valve, three valve types, the rubber washer bottle well not crispy).

Usage and storage

The amount of food put into the pot are not overfull heart, you note that the product has a swelling while cooking you should not be too full of pot is just about 2/3 lap. When the specialty food security tunnel should linings blister bottom to avoid sticky pot food.

However some new electric pressure cooker now have good stick coating negligent as Yosaky stick pot or Cuchen. Medium thick ceramic non-stick layer and secure the health of consumers, ultra high heat resistance.

Close the lid carefully, twist the lid properly closed the way to the cap, check the valve if it is not stuffy. For a stuffy office would be dangerous because the pressure is too high no way will ruin the pot drops rapidly, distort heart pot. Valve damage the valves you are looking for replacement immediately.

Turn on your cooked food processing, timer if necessary to avoid having to go to work or out forgot to turn off the pot. Depending on the type of food and food processing different time.

Normally, under the guidance of policy, should not participate fully cooked pot. With some stew stews best take a long time you should schedule. As for cooking or steaming bale you should select cooking mode and self-timer are usually short time from 5 to 10 minutes.

After processing is complete you should eat lightly cleaned, do not use stainless steel wipe scratch zebra heart pot. Note major cleaning in rubber rings and valves, not to cling to food that makes gaskets leaking or clogged valves.

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