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What is the pressure cooker body?

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Pressure cooker engine can meet all requirements from security cooking, stewed to porridge, soup of you in the shortest possible time. Along learn advantages and disadvantages of mechanical pressure cooker to easily choose a product like that.
Pressure cooker body is really just an ordinary pot on the stove using gas or electric stove is the type of cooking with lids so tight. When cooked, due to the heat from the stove, making the pot heats up, heat the pot increases but not to escape should the pressure be increased and led to rising temperature in the pot, helping food is cooked quickly and softer. Before opening the pot should be discharged out gas, avoid burns.

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– Shorten the cooking time from 70-90% compared with conventional cooking style.

– Energy saving.

– To preserve nutrients due to less volatile when cooking. Shorter cooking time also reduce vitamin loss under high temperature.

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Experience purchase old appliances


– It is difficult to use, especially those new to cooking with pressure. How to calculate the cooking time and choose to open the appropriate pot are quite complex.

– Be careful when cooking, avoid making pot exhaust forget explosion, fire, endangering the user.

– Wait a little in the pot out to finish to open the lid, there are cases where the use of open pot burns out before the end of the discharge pressure in the pot.

– Only use on kitchen gas stove or infrared (IR kitchen is?) At a pressure cooker can be used for electromagnetic cooker (electromagnetic cooker is?). Some mechanical pressure cooker can be used on induction cooker

What is the best pressure cooker ?

When choosing to buy a pressure cooker body, you should look to the prestigious brand like instant pot, pressure cooker … to buy quality products at affordable prices. Depending on the number of family members that options offering the largest small capacity accordingly
Also, you should check the material and the pot heart pot to ensure no harmful ingredients. Much of the pressure cooker body is made from thick aluminum alloy is safe for the health of users.

In addition, the line pressure cookers often have long handles, which are easier to pot up to the kitchen.

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