Unboxing the Newest Instant Pot Pressure Cooker 8 Quart DUO80

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3rd Generation Electric Pressure Cookers are Equipped with Smart Programming and Enhanced Safety

With the advance in pressure and temperature sensor accuracy,
the 3rd Generation electric pressure cookers implement sophisticate control with digital technology.
Two most remarkable features are Smart Programming and Enhanced Safety.
These features greatly improve cooking result, maintain consistence and enhance safety.

Each 3rd Generation cooker is fitted with a microprocessor.
With the accurate readings from pressure and temperature sensors,
the microprocessor can be programmed to perform complex cooking tasks.
The Smart Programs are tailor made for specific cooking purpose by varying heating intensity,
temperature, pressure and cooking duration, to achieve optimized cooking result and maintain consistence.
A typical example is in multigrain cooking program where the grains are soaked at ~60C/86F for a period to soften the grains before cooking starts.
With the microprocessor programs, more sophisticated safety mechanisms become possible.
For instance, one common mistake is misplacing the stream release at the open position while starting cooking.
With the steam release open, pressure never builds up in the cooking pot. Earlier generation cookers would continue heating.
If the situation is not corrected on time, all liquid in the cooking pot would evaporate and the food would be spoiled.
The 3rd Generation cooker implements a mechanism called, Leaky Lid Protection,
where the microprocessor detects the excess long pre-heating period and stops the heating with an alarm.

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