Yogurt in Instant pot | ( pot in pot) | Step by Step Process

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Yogurt in Instant pot | Yogurt ( pot in pot) in Instant Pot.

* Add 1 cup water to pot ,
Insert Trivet
Place Steel Vessel
Glass Vessel (Any Oven safe glass vessel )

Add milk,

* Close the lid and seal ,

* On Steam mode : 0 minute
Pressure : HIGH
Release : Natural Release

* Open the lid & cool down milk to warm milk.

When the milk is warm, then add yogurt and mix well.
(make yogurt to a smooth paste)

* Close the lid and seal,

* Press YOGURT – 4 Hours

When the milk is set place in the refrigerator.

Tips :

1. Add yogurt when milk is warm , when you place finger into the
milk then you should feel warm not hot.
2. If is not set in 4 hours then close the lid and set yogurt agin to 1
or 2 hours.
3. 1 Teaspoon of yogurt is good enough for any amount of milk ( up to Half Gallon ).


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